Irish Lives Matter

Digital tyranny takes over Ireland and Canada is next...

After riots erupted in Dublin, Ireland last week when an Algerian-born man went on a stabbing rampage injuring 3 Irish school children, Ireland PM Leo Varadkar responded by committing to strengthen online hate speech laws in the country. Despite Ireland being the midst of a migrant surge, the Ireland government is seeking to crack down on anyone voicing dissent over irreversible changes happening in their country. Those that do speak up – like UFC superstar Conor McGregor – end up being investigated for spreading hate speech.

Irish Lives Matter! Irish Lives Matter!!

Canada is FUBAR

Journalist Warns Of 'Creepy Authoritarianism' In Canada

Journalist Warns Of 'Creepy Authoritarianism' In Canada At Weaponization Committee

Rupa Subramanya, Canada-based journalist for The Free Press, shares her opening statement at the U.S. House Weaponization of the Federal Government Committee.

This video may soon be ILLEGAL

The Trudeau government wants to ban critical thinking and criminalize uncomfortable questions about Canada’s residential school program.

On the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice dissects the issue and asks the uncomfortable questions that may soon be illegal.

Put the IRGC on the Canadian terrorist list

Today on the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by Ontario PC MPP Goldie Ghamari.

Ghamari is a proud Canadian and advocates for immigrants like herself to put Canada first and to embrace Canadian values. Growing up, her parents always told her: “Always remember that first and foremost you are a proud Canadian.” She is now an outspoken critic of terrorism and extremism in Canada, and sometimes even gets called “Islamophobic” by those who seek to minimize terrorism or defend the Islamic Republic of Iran. In their interview today, Ghamari says it’s time that Canada lists the paramilitary branch of the Iranian government – the IRGC – as a terrorist entity so that our government can freeze their Canadian assets and expel senior members of the regime who live in Canada.

"Weapons Of War" To Be Used For Deer Cull

More government hypocrisy. An American company will be brought in to cull deer with weapons that are illegal for Canadians to possess. Yet the federal government has said there is no legitimate civilian use for the weapons.

Historically this type of cull has been done by Canadians. If local hunters were offered the opportunity they would take care of the problem.

Sydney Island is located in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Semi-automatic assault-style rifles to be used for Sidney Island deer kill.

"Weapons Of War" To Be Used For Deer Cull - A Lawyer Explains:

A lawless federal government

Violent men wreaking havoc inside women’s prisons

Thanks to a complete failure to report on this scandal from the legacy media, few Canadians know that violent men are wreaking havoc inside women’s prisons in Canada. The Trudeau government has allowed violent male sex offenders who claim to be women to be transferred to women’s prisons and there’s nothing that female inmates can do about it.

On this episode of Ratio’d, Harrison is joined by Heather Mason, a former convict who has devoted her life to speaking up on this under reported scandal and being a voice for women behind bars.

This is what “decolonization” really means

Decolonization is a radical Leftist theory that has been pushed and promoted in institutions across Canada. Professors, students, politicians and journalists have all bought into this warped academic theory. So what exactly does it mean? Well, the radical Left has repeatedly told us what they mean by decolonization. It’s time we take them seriously and listen to what they are saying.

Decolonization, according to radical Leftists, simply means October 7th-style massacres. It means mass murder of so-called settlers (what we call civilians). On this episode, Candice unpacks this radical ideology and explains how extremists have taken over Canada’s institutions. She talks about the extremism we’re seeing on university campuses and how to put a stop to it. Plus, True North’s Rupa Subramanya joins Candice to debate the limits of free speech and how Canada should respond to the pro-Hamas rallies taking place across our country.

The Candice Malcolm Show: This is what “decolonization” really means.

Gang: we are here to stab white people

Trudeau sides with Hamas

On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice breaks down Trudeau’s Tuesday press conference, and how he parrots Hamas talking points. She is then joined by True North reporter and host of Ratio’d Harrison Faulkner to talk about why Israel should release the October 7th massacre videos and about how the government funded Anti-Hate Network has been exposed as partisan shills and anti-conservative hypocrites.

A giant Ponzi scheme

The radical plan to bring 60 MILLION PEOPLE into Canada. The stated ambition of The Century Initiative, an influential lobbying group and charity is to increase Canada's population to 100 million by the year 2100. This charity was founded by Dominic Barton, the former Chief Executive of McKinsey and Co., and Mark Wiseman, a former BlackRock executive.

Nobody elected the Century Initiative, or McKinsey and Co., but it appears that the Trudeau Liberals are taking their marching orders from the Century Initiative by way of giving government contracts to McKinsey. This is Trudeau's plan to permanently change Canada.

Watch the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

Former Muslim explains why she left Islam

On this episode of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa is joined by Yasmine Mohammed.

Yasmine is a dedicated human rights campaigner who stands as a fierce advocate for the rights of women within Muslim-majority countries and anyone oppressed under the grip of religious fundamentalism worldwide.

In her book, ‘Unveiled,’ Yasmine offers an intimate perspective—born in the Western world but raised within a fundamentalist Islamic home. Rupa and Yasmine discuss her struggle for freedom, her views on Islam, and why she believes there are so many in the West supportive of Hamas’ terrorist activities.

Liberal MPs did not stand up for constituents

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The greatest crime against humanity

"The number three side effect in the Pfizer documents of getting the injection is Covid." (Quote from the video below.)

Read Western Standard's article Pfizer docs analyst claims God the only hope against 'metaphysical' evil. Quotes from this article:

  • The US Food and Drug Administration planned to take 75 years to respond to a Freedom of Information Access request on the documentation it received from Pfizer on the COVID-19 vaccine, but a court decision last year forced the data to be disclosed much faster.
  • Wolf has collaborated with 3,500 scientists and medical experts to examine the documents, resulting in a book and a continuing series of reports on DailyClout. She alleged Pfizer’s claims of vaccine efficacy were established by removing most records of those who had contracted COVID during the trial.
  • Female vaccine trial recipients were warned not to get pregnant. Of the 34 who did, 28 lost their babies. In some cases, Pfizer’s own documents explicitly blamed this on the vaccine.
  • Wolf is especially concerned for those in utero when their mothers took the vaccine. “[T]he lipid nanoparticles degrade the sertoli cells and the Leydig cells of the testes of baby boys in utero. And these are the factories of masculine hormones,” Wolf said.
  • Pfizer subsidiary BioNtech, which produced the injections, contracted with Fosun Pharmaceuticals, which Wolf said was run by “senior Chinese Communist Party” (CCP) officials. “They were contracted to produce a billion doses. They were not for use in China; people in China take a different injection. They were exported.

Watch as Dr. Naomi Wolf discusses her exposé of the covid crime. Recorded at the Mises Institute's Supporters Summit in Auburn, Alabama, 12 October 2023.

The Daily Clout - Pfizer Docs

Prosperity, Decolonisation, and Race

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship, Kemi Badenoch MP on Prosperity, Decolonisation, and Race.

he Rt Hon Kemi Badenoch MP is a British politician serving as Secretary of State for Business and Trade. President of the Board of Trade, and Minister for Women and Equalities. She holds degrees in engineering and law and had a career in digital consultancy and financial services before entering politics.

Danielle Smith: UCP AGM 2023 Speech

We are not a people to say good enough, when there is so much more possibility in front of us.

And we do not shy away from a challenge, not when the futures of our families, and our friends, and our neighbours are at stake…

I know that nothing, absolutely nothing will stand in our way. May Alberta be forever strong and free!

Millions of new immigrants to Canada by 2026

And no place for them to live.

Canada is on pace to add millions of new people into the country by 2026 despite knowing that the housing supply, infrastructure, and social programs can’t keep up.

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner from True North.

There is no desert we can’t make bloom

In the final session of the final day of the ARC Conference, Jordan Peterson gave an inspiring and hopeful talk.

Jordan reminded everyone that “we have so many people in the world that are lost in ways that are nearly unimaginable” and urged everyone to lay aside all of our “hedonic whims”, to take up, cling to, and insist upon the divine responsibility given to us to work for the betterment of our societies. “There is no desert we can’t make bloom”.

Watch the talks uploaded on the ARC channel.

Find out more about the ARC.

Alliance for Responsible Citizenship

ARC is being established as an international community with a vision for a better world where every citizen can prosper, contribute, and flourish

Konstantin Kisin started day 2 of the ARC Conference 2023 with a bang. Watch Konstantin Kisin’s full speech to world leaders at ARC Conference 2023