Step into the shadows of Green Energy with Heidi McKillop and her team for an eye-opening exploration of the lesser-known consequesnces and challenges associated with green energy initiatives. © 2024 ASN Productions Ltd.

Canada is Broken

New documentary reveals side effects of green energy agenda

A new documentary sheds light on the lesser-known side effects of green energy projects, revealing the complex environmental and social challenges that accompany the transition to renewable energy sources. Filmmaker Heidi McKillop joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss ‘Generation Green’, which premiered in Calgary earlier this week.

An original video production by True North Canada.


Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland fails to answer foreign interference question

On yesterday's livestream, Ezra Levant and Sheila Gunn Reid discussed the recent revelations about foreign interference in the Canadian government.

Rebel News, telling the other side of the story.

Khalistan separatists in Vancouver

Justin Trudeau vs. Pierre Poilievre: Who will Toronto residents vote for?

Pierre Poilievre is reaching his second full year as leader of the Conservative Party and opposition leader. If an election were held today, Poilievre's Conservatives would have a majority government however the Tories have never traditionally done well in downtown Toronto. Harrison Faulkner went down to Yonge-Dundas Square – which is soon to be erased and given an African tribal name - to ask Torontonians if an election were held today, who they would choose to lead Canada.

Watch this episode of Ratio'd to find out what they had to say.