The Trudeau Carbon Tax

Thoughts From the Calving Barn: The Trudeau Carbon Tax.
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Canada is Broken

Warning to protesters who act as a liaison with police


During the trial a number of RCMP officers conceded that the Coutts Three were helpful in their interactions with the law. Yet the Crown (Canada's prosecuting attorneys) depicted the Coutts Three as the protest leaders because they volunteered to liaise with the RCMP. In future, who will choose to volunteer at any future peaceful, non-violent, protest to act as a liaison with the policing authorities? This verdict handed down on April 16, 2024, in Lethbridge, is a strong message that those who assist and liaison with police will be targeted.

Read Coutts Three Verdict: A Warning to Protesters Who Act as Liaison With Police, from the Frontier Centre for Public Policy.

What Freeland’s budget means for Canadians

Earlier this week, Chrystia Freeland unveiled her fourth federal budget, laying out billions in spending to address various issues including housing supply, grocery prices, and online hate. Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada president Catherine Swift joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the budget and how it will impact Canadians.

Smith responds to guilty verdict for Coutts 3

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interviews Alberta Premier Danielle Smith on when the provincial fuel tax will be lowered and whether the province is recommending Covid-19 vaccines for babies beginning at six months. Rachel also asks the Premier about protecting women in jails and shelters after Smith said at the CSFN conference last week that biological men will still be allowed in these spaces. Finally, Rachel asks the Premier for her response to the guilty verdicts for the Coutts three and for an update on a promise to ban electronic tabulators in the province.

Watch the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel.

Chrystia Freeland gaslights reporter on live TV

No evidence of increased extreme weather, despite activist claims


This report from the Fraser Institute Extreme Weather and Climate Change finds that contrary to claims by many climate activists and politicians, extreme weather events—including forest fires, droughts, floods and hurricanes—are not increasing in frequency or intensity.

Exposing gender ideology

Gina Carano

Alberta refuses to be bribed by Trudeau

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel speaks with Alberta Seniors, Community and Social Services Minister Jason Nixon about the Provincial Priorities Act, which was tabled by the government last week to ensure provincial sign off on federal-municipal deals. Nixon says the province is concerned about federal interference in municipalities, which are the province’s jurisdiction, and this legislation will end that practice. He also says Alberta “won’t be bribed” to sign onto federal deals with their own money.

Nixon also says the province won’t agree to new housing codes to comply with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s green agenda, saying that would increase the cost of construction and housing. Rachel also asks the minister how funding the federal government has promised to municipalities is causing blanket rezoning in Calgary.

Canada’s Birth Rate is Collapsing

One of the most concerning trends in Canada is our country’s collapsing birth rate. Our fertility rate is well below replacement level and there seems to be no effort from the government to increase the levels. Successive federal governments have instead sought to artificially increase Canada’s population through waves of high levels of immigration into the country. The result? One concerning sub-trend from this reliance on immigration is that the young male population in Canada is now rapidly exceeding the young female population. This could have disastrous consequences for Canada in the future.

With marriage rates declining and the average age of marriage increasing, family building is taking a significant hit in this country. Further, recent studies indicate that Canadian women are having fewer children than they would want, largely because of financial constraints.

Watch the latest episode of Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

The widening gap

Smith pushes back against the feds

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel unpacks Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s latest effort to push back the federal government which is encroaching on provincial jurisdiction by making deals directly with municipalities. Also on the show, the premier addresses her decision to keep the provincial fuel tax despite pressure to axe it as Ottawa continues to raise its federal carbon tax.

Finally, Rachel has an exclusive story about an Alberta NDP MLA who apologized in the House this week after scarring a female UCP MLA. That MLA is now asking him to seek anger management.

Smith sticks it to the feds on gun rights

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel explains Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s positive take on the federal government’s wasteful $42 million gun buyback program which has yet to confiscate a single gun.

Also on the show, Rachel has an update on the axe the tax protest which has been ongoing for a week and an Alberta MLA is facing criticism from a prominent Jewish organization over her anti-Israel commentary.