Leaving to save our lives

It's been this way for too long. Hard-working, taxpaying Canadians who fall ill are forced to flee the country to save their lives. Others languish without treatment, suffering for months and years on end. Some are now considering MAiD. Canadians deserve better from our government and senior politicians.

Watch Fleeing Canada to Save Their Lives a Politics Explained Special Report by Aaron Gunn.

Canada is Broken

Our Sun

To learn more about our sun, NASA launched the robotic Parker Solar Probe (PSP) to investigate regions closer to the Sun than ever before. The PSP's looping orbit brings it nearer to the Sun each time around -- every few months. The featured time-lapse video shows the view looking sideways from behind PSP's Sun shield during its 16th approach to the Sun last year -- from well within the orbit of Mercury. The PSP's Wide Field Imager for Solar Probe (WISPR) cameras took the images over eleven days, but they are digitally compressed here into about one minute video. The waving of the solar corona is visible, as is a coronal mass ejection, with stars, planets, and even the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy streaming by in the background as the PSP orbits the Sun. PSP has found the solar neighborhood to be surprisingly complex and to include switchbacks -- times when the Sun's magnetic field briefly reverses itself.

Looking Sideways from the Parker Solar Probe II.

Canada’s health care system is about to go under

Canada’s health care system is on life support, but many of its patients are languishing on wait lists, getting slowly sicker and in many cases simply dying untreated. Sick patients are frequently subjected to poor care – if they get care at all – while frontline health care workers are subjected to overwork.

Our waiting times are not merely inconvenient and stressful, they are medically indefensible.

Without consumer power, Canadian patients become supplicants in a system that is free to ignore them – as it habitually does. What can be done?

Read the OP-ED: Adam Smith’s “saline solution” for Canada’s health care system.

Read the C2C Journal article: Adam Smith’s “saline solution” for Canada’s health care system.

Is the legacy media dying?

Last week, Bell Media announced it was ceasing multiple television newscasts and implementing other programming cuts following mass layoffs and the sale of 45 of its regional radio stations. Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta director Kris Sims joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the future of the Canadian legacy media.

Trudeau sued for freezing bank accounts

To mark the two-year anniversary of the invocation of the Emergencies Act, Freedom Convoy organizers and protesters who had their bank accounts unlawfully frozen by the government have served Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland with lawsuits. Tamara Lich and other Convoy organizers are seeking $2 million in damages each from the government after a judge ruled Trudeau’s emergency measures in 2022 to be unconstitutional.

Watch the latest episode of Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

Alberta bans electronic vote tabulators

Correcting the record about an Alberta Pension Plan

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interviews Nadine Wellwood, a chartered investment manager who is embarking on a campaign to educate Albertans on the benefits of an Alberta Pension Plan. Wellwood, a former federal PPC candidate, says there’s been fear mongering about the pension, which has undeniable benefits for Albertans. Tune into the Alberta Roundup now!

ArriveCan bookkeeping was "the worst"

It's no wonder Canada's debt is out of control. Where's The Funds (WTF)?

China's deadly drug war on Canada

Fentanyl has killed tens of thousands Canadians. Every day, an average of 22 Canadians dies due to a toxic drug overdose and in British Columbia, opioid overdose is now the leading cause of death among youth aged 10 to 18. Fentanyl is made with precursor chemicals that flow through Canada's borders originating from China. Organized Chinese gangs have been in the middle of this drug trade, ripping apart a generation of young Canadians.

On this episode of The Faulkner Show, Harrison is joined by Garry Clement, the former National Director of the RCMP's Proceeds of Crime division. Clement argues that China is waging a drug war on Canada and that the government needs to be doing more to target organized Chinese gangs who have the backing of the CCP from entering into and operating inside Canada.

Undercover: Inside the shady world of the RCMP and organized crime

The risks of medicalizing troubled young people

Trudeau’s MAiD expansion should alarm everyone

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How China and the UN are Fueling the Invasion of America