The failed Trump assassination

Rachel Parker was on the ground during the attempted assassination on former US President Donald Trump. Today on Rachel and the Republic, Rachel explains what she saw, and the perilous seconds when it seemed like the worst might have happened. Rachel also heard from dozens of Americans in the immediate aftermath of the assassination attempt who told her how America can heal and where the republic goes from here. She shares their words today.

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Canada's Liberal/NDP coalition is toxic

Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes Canada after fatal rally shooting

After an attempted assassination on former U.S. president Donald Trump at his rally on Saturday, which left an attendee dead, the unhinged and deranged responses from Canadian university professors and columnists began flowing in. A UBC professor lamented that Trump’s would-be assassin missed his target while a University of Guelph professor laughed about the death of an innocent firefighter who tried to his family from the gun shots.

Canadians shouldn’t be surprised to see this rhetoric from the radical left. This is the kind of language which has resulted in the political climate we are now in. It is now clear, when it comes to political violence and wishing harm and death on your political opposition, there is no comparison that can be drawn between the left and right. Radical leftists wish death on their political enemies.

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They need to dial it down

Australian media calls out American media

An interesting comparison

At the precipice

Justin Trudeau embarrasses Canada AGAIN at a NATO summit

Another international trip for Justin Trudeau and another international embarrassment. Since landing in Washington for the 75th anniversary of the NATO alliance, Justin Trudeau and his Liberal cabinet has been dogged by questions from journalists about Canada’s failure to adequately fund our national defence. And the attacks aren’t just coming from the media, even US representatives are calling on Canada to pull its weight. In truth, it isn’t just Trudeau’s fault. Under Stephen Harper, Canada’s military spending was less than 1% of our GDP, today that number is around 1.3%. Military spending has increased but it is well short of where it needs to be.

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Is Freeland getting thrown under the bus?

As Liberal poll numbers continue to drag, a new Globe and Mail story cites sources in Justin Trudeau's office putting the blame on Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland for "not being effective in delivering an upbeat economic message." The story also reports that the PMO has considered recruiting Mark Carney as finance minister. It was just a few years ago that Freeland's predecessor, Bill Morneau, was similarly knifed through PMO leaks, True North's Andrew Lawton asks if we are about to see one of Trudeau's most loyal foot soldiers thrown under the bus.

Also, universities have become "exasperating" with hateful rhetoric getting a pass while discussions about free speech, EDI, and gender are censored. A new essay in The Hub from Concordia professor Zachary Patterson says there's still hope to purge universities of their "extreme leftist ideology." He joins the show to explain how.

Plus, fossil fuel consumption has increased since the Kyoto Protocol and greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise following the Paris climate accord. So why are we inflicting economic harm on our country in support of net-zero measures that clearly aren't working? Fraser Institute senior fellow Dr. Kenneth Green joins the show to weigh in.

Read the article: Zachary Patterson: Canada must reclaim its wayward universities. Here’s how.

Should universities have a monopoly on teacher training?

Earlier this year, a group of teachers in Alberta attended a two-day session on early literacy and phonics led by a Harvard-trained cognitive scientist, revealing significant gaps in their education degree training, with multiple teachers reporting to have learned more in these sessions than in their entire education degree programs. Alberta Classical Academy founder Caylan Ford joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to explain why universities shouldn’t have a monopoly on teacher training.

Read the article: Caylan Ford: Universities have a monopoly on teacher training. They don’t deserve to keep it.

Take Back Canada

A major protest in downtown Toronto against mass immigration took place on Canada Day. Canadians from all walks of life and all ethnicities peacefully rallied against Justin Trudeau's open borders mass immigration agenda, which has triggered a wave of economic issues plaguing young Canadians. Canadians are struggling to find jobs, buy and rent a homes, and start families.

The Take Back Canada protest message was simple: no more mass immigration. Canadians want their futures back and they want to live in a country where they feel their needs are being put first.

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