Bitter Cold

All of Alberta is experiencing deadly cold temperatures the second week of February. Extremely cold wind chill values between minus 40 and minus 55 continue.

digital thermometer display showing -46.9 degrees Celsius
-46.9 Celsius on Sunday morning, nevermind the windchill!


Some photos of local wildflowers.

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Western Wood Lily

The Valley

... contains a small, meandering, north-northeasterly flowing stream, which drains into the Athabasca River.

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winter view

From the Valley

Wet Summer, Great Fall

wet trail

We had a great deal of rain in June and July. My rain gauge by my garden showed 6.4 inches (162 mm) of rain from June 1st to June 8. It rained so much some of my potato plants were under water! I had to dig some trenches for the water to flow away. The first week of August hot, the last week of August cool with night-time temperatures below 5 C. September and October were moderately cool and quite dry (typically we get rain with resulting layers of ice). Our first real snowfall was last week, amazing for our location.


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The Ent

Jack Pine

I refer to this old Jack Pine as "The Ent".

This is of the oldest trees on our property.

I had to stitch a couple of photos together to capture its full height.

Jack Pine - Southern Research USDA

Plant Guide - Jack Pine (PDF) USDA

Managing jack pine forests University of Minnesota Extension

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