Covid Collateral

A groundbreaking new documentary film from producer Vanessa Dylyn, Matter of Fact Media. Release date: spring 2024.

Covid Collateral is an investigative documentary which reveals that the severe lockdowns imposed by western governments were not driven by scientific consensus or accurate data. Instead, important scientific debate which would have served the public good, was shut down. For more information visit Covid Collateral.

Canada is FUBAR

Foreign protesters suffer meltdown after receiving criticism

Harrison Faulkner went to Charlottetown, P.E.I to report on the ongoing Indian student protest taking place in the city. For over a week, protesters have been demanding that they be given permanent residency in the province after P.E.I changed their rules to try and slow down the population growth of the province.

After a viral episode of Ratio’d on Monday about the protest, Harrison decided to follow up his reporting by going to the protest and speaking with the demonstrators. It didn’t take long before things fell off the rails and protesters had a meltdown upon seeing him.

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

Trudeau's inflationary spending punishes Canadians

Indian students protest against deportation from Canada

International students, who are no longer eligible for postgraduate work permits and will be slated for deportation from Canada, are now protesting in large numbers against provincial and federal governments to let them stay in the country. New rules put in place by the P.E.I government last year means that permits are only being given to students with qualifications in construction and healthcare.

The reality is, Canada does not need anymore service workers. There are too many temporary residents in Canada and even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has acknowledged that. However, when this exact same protest happened in Manitoba a few months ago, the federal government granted the students a 2-year extension. Will the same thing happen again in P.E.I or will these people have to go back home?

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

Rest in peace Rex

A true friend to Alberta

Exploring London, Ontario

Harrison Faulkner went to London, Ontario to investigate ground zero of Canada’s “safe supply” drug experiment. In 2016, London became the first city to have an official safe supply facility. And now, the situation is horrible — boarded up buildings, encampments throughout the city and open drug use. Are these programs really “saving lives” as we are told by the activists who believe in these programs or is the opposite happening? How bad of a problem is the diversion of these “safe supply” opioids? Harrison investigates these questions by speaking to local politicians, doctors and residents to find out more.

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner of True North.

The Great Replacement is real

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is corrupt

Smith’s pitch for highspeed rail

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interview the Alberta Director of the Canadian Taxpayer Federation Kris Sims about the Alberta government’s proposal for a highspeed railway to connect the province. Rachel wonder if anyone is asking for this railway plan and how useful it would be. Kris says the Taxpayers Federation is trying to find out more about the cost. The two also discuss when fuel tax relief and the government’s promised income tax reduction will be implemented. Finally, Kris reveals the big winners of the Taxpayer Federation’s Teddy Waste Awards.

Watch The Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel.

The UofT anti-Israel occupation

Harrison Faulkner investigated the UofT campus anti-Israel occupation last week to see what exactly was going on. Despite the tent encampment obviously breaking several laws, campus police have permitted the occupation to remain in tact. The reasons as to why this has been allowed to go on for so long are unknown. The occupiers are strictly enforcing border measures of their territory and have set in place strict messaging control, only allowing media liaisons to speak to the press. When True North was finally let into the encampment, we were under the close supervision of a “media escort” who followed us everywhere we went and told us not to film any faces. That was easy because everyone inside the encampment was masked as if it was 2021.

It's unknown how many were actual UofT students.

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

Desperate Liberals conjure up the Diagolon boogeyman

In a desperate attempt to save themselves, the Liberals have once again deployed the boogeyman of "Diagolon" to attack Pierre Poilievre. Nothing that is said about this fictitious meme group by the Liberal government or the legacy media is true. Despite well documented and sourced reporting point to the fact that this is a fake group made of dissidents, the Liberals can't let it go. They need something to stick but nothing seems to be working. In fact, polling has only improved for Poilievre after the Liberals tried to smear Poilievre as somehow being connected to a ficitious group which he has already denounced.

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

SK and AB partner to advance nuclear

Poilievre kicked out of Parliament for calling Trudeau a wacko

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre was ejected from the House of Commons yesterday after refusing to withdraw a comment that Justin Trudeau was a “wacko” (although he offered to replace it with “extremist” and “radical”). The pearl-clutching Liberals and journalists should be less focused on tone-policing and more on governing, True North’s Andrew Lawton says.

Plus, a new documentary, Covid Collateral, exposes the harms of lockdowns and the censorship of scientists throughout the pandemic. Filmmaker Vanessa Dylyn joins to discuss.

Plus, it’s the four year anniversary of the order-in-council that prohibited over 1500 types of firearm and promised a two year “buyback” that has so far never materialized. Rod Giltaca of the Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights weighs in on where things stand. Watch The Andrew Lawton Show.