The decline and fall of Canada

Narcissist Justin Trudeau has never said a true word.
Dr Jordan Peterson discusses his home country of Canada, which the professor advises has been taken over by Left-wing authoritarians and predatory psychopaths. Listen to this bonus episode of Off Script hosted by The Telegraph's Steven Edginton. Jordan Peterson on The decline and fall of Canada.

Canada: a whole new level of FUBAR

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Zelenskyy joins Canadian Parliament’s ovation to 98-year-old veteran who fought with Nazis. The man was part of SS Galichina, a unit whose history has been whitewashed by veterans groups in the West.
NAVARRO-GENIE: India allegations look contrived to fool us. The prime minister's attendance at the G20 Summit in New Delhi earlier this month is considered to have been a diplomatic failure. Writer Marco Navarro-Genie analyses the details and is suspicious that Mr. Trudeau's bizarre accusations that the Government of India had a part in the death of a Sikh militant in Surrey may be just part of an elaborate distraction.
Religious leader or terror group leader? Who was Hardeep Singh Nijjar?. Three months after his killing outside of a Surrey, B.C., gurdwara, Hardeep Singh Nijjar has become the face of the simmering diplomatic fight between Canada and India.
TDSB trustee says parental rights don’t exist in response to One Million March for Children. The Toronto District School Board’s (TDSB) Ward 8 trustee Shelley Laskin told a parent supportive of the nationwide One Million March for Children that parental rights do not exist in Canada and that there are only children’s rights.
US senator shreds Canadian healthcare as BC sends cancer patients south of border. Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley defended the United State’s private healthcare system by pointing to Canada’s current healthcare crisis, which has prompted some provinces like British Columbia to turn towards private care for solutions. uring a Sept. 11 Senate debate, Grassley blasted “unacceptable waiting times” experienced by many Canadians in need of healthcare
FBI lost count of how many paid informants were at Capitol on Jan. 6, and later performed audit to figure out exact number. The FBI had so many paid informants at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, that it lost track of the number and had to perform a later audit to determine exactly how many “Confidential Human Sources” run by different FBI field offices were present that day, a former assistant director of the bureau has told lawmakers.

Another Trudeau foreign policy failure

The #1MillionMarch4Children TAKES OVER Canada

A mass nationwide protest against gender ideology took place throughout Canada on Wednesday. The organizers – a group of Muslim parents who have had enough of the radical gender ideology craze – named the coordinated protest the ‘1 Million March For Children.’ Harrison Faulkner was on the ground at the Toronto protest to interview attendees and make sure both sides of the story were told. As thousands gathered to oppose gender ideology and indoctrination in schools, an equally large number of counter protesters showed up to reject what they called a gathering of “ultra-conservatives” and “transphobes.”

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Look at who owns what ...

They have returned. Here we go again…

According to the Government of Canada, it's time to mask up again and get a new booster vaccine to protect ourselves against Covid. Never mind the fact that cases are at an all-time low across Canada and that everyone has moved on with their lives, or the fact that studies show masks are ineffective in preventing virus spread, Canada's self-important public health bureaucrats are trying their best to convince the population to just trust them - again.

And if you thought that the media had learned their lesson over the past few years as to how to accurately report on public health guidelines and not become propagandists, think again. Because just like Theresa Tam and the rest of the power hungry public health bureaucrats in Canada, the media are back to their old ways as well.

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Trudeau's Tryst With 'Humiliations' At G20 Summits

Trudeau's Tryst With 'Humiliations' At G20 Summits; 'Free Speech' Spat With Xi Viral Again

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's spat with the Chinese President has gone viral yet again. The video from the G20 2022 in Bali has resurfaced amid fresh embarrassment for Trudeau. The year changed, the G20's venues changed, but the ignominy of the Canadian PM remained constant. In 2022, Xi Jinping bashed Trudeau for leaking details of bilateral talks to the media. Trudeau gave a "free and open dialogue" defence during an argument with Xi. Cut to 2023, and Trudeau got snubbed again, this time by Indian PM Narendra Modi. In the informal meeting, Modi ripped Trudeau for his stand on the Khalistan issue. Speaking to the media, Trudeau gave the same "freedom of expression" defence on the Khalistan row. This report has full detail on how the G20s have been for Trudeau.

Trudeau: another disastrous India trip

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again found a way to embarrass Canadians while on an international trip. This time, Trudeau found himself in hot water at the G20 summit held in New Delhi by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It is no secret that Canada-India relations under Trudeau’s leadership have been at rock bottom. However, Modi’s latest snub and Trudeau’s response caught the ire of Indian pundits, who have accused our prime minister of failing to contain a rising Khalistani movement in Canada while lecturing the world on supporting peaceful protests and also cracking down on protests in Canada. To cap off the humiliation for Trudeau and for Canadians, the prime ministers jet has left Trudeau stranded in India.
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Why We Can’t Trust the Science Journals. The science and medical journals have become highly ideological on many of the most important and contentious societal issues of the day, ranging from global warming to gender ideology, to critical race theory, to virtually everything woke.
Trans Mountain shippers want inquiry into ’absurd’ cost overruns. Where did the $31.9 billion go? Trans Mountain is a Federal Crown corporation, so ask Trudeau & the Liberals and good luck getting a truthful answer.
Massive brawl breaks out between Eritrean groups in Calgary. An estimated 150 people took part in the brawl, most brandishing 2x4s, pipes, and other makeshift weapons.
Part of China's economic miracle was a mirage. Reality check is next. There is a significant risk in the short term of financial crisis or other degree of economic crisis that would carry very substantial social and political costs for the Chinese government.
Freeland silent on bank investigations. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland did not confirm whether she intends to use her statutory powers to force the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to investigate public complaints against the banks. The FCAC revealed that despite having a staff of 182 members and an annual budget of $37.1 million, it did not take action on complaints it received from consumers.
Chandrayaan-3 success to boost India’s space ambitions, global standing. The Indian space agency ISRO put the Vikram lander into sleep mode late Sept. 3, shortly before nightfall at its landing site in the south polar regions of the moon. That came after ISRO powered down the Pragyan rover a day earlier.
Japan launches moon lander and X-ray observatory. Japan sent a new X-ray space telescope into low Earth orbit and a first, small lunar lander on its way to the moon with a single launch late Wednesday.
Bombshell biography: Fearing nuclear war, Musk blocked Starlink to stymie Ukraine attack on Russia. Exploding drone subs 'lost connectivity, washed ashore harmlessly'.
Declare Emergency eco mob behind rush-hour roadblocks is funded by billionaire oil heiress Aileen Getty and Hollywood director Adam McKay. A series of recent protests in Washington DC to oppose the fossil fuel industry were orchestrated by a group which is part of a global network funded by Hollywood director Adam McKay and billionaire philanthropist Aileen Getty
North Korea’s New Submarine Carries 10 Nuclear Missiles. North Korea has revealed it's latest submarine, a "tactical nuclear attack submarine". The new submarine has been named "Hero Kim Gun-ok" and given the hull number 841. Analysis indicates that it will be armed with ten missiles.

China incorporates CBDC

This is China

Pierre Poilievre addresses 2023 Conservative policy convention

Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre addresses delegates on the second day of the Conservative Party of Canada’s national policy convention in Quebec City, with his wife Anaida delivering introductory remarks. The three-day convention comes one year after Poilievre won the party leadership on September 10, 2022. Conservatives are voting on party policy, electing new party officials, and preparing for the next federal election during the gathering, which is the party's first in-person convention since 2018.

It's good to hear a message of facts and hope, rather than the gaslighting, divisiveness and misleading statements from Trudeau and the Liberal/NDP coalition.

The Jerry Can March

Canadians stepped up to help the Freedom Truckers.

Nearly 900,000 people are homeless in Europe

Meanwhile Canada to admit 900,000 international students this year despite housing crisis;
Inbound migration into Calgary making the city unaffordable; and
Seven top economists are warning the Liberals about immigration.

Police officer testifies he was ordered to give “not one inch” to Convoy organizers

On day two of the criminal trial of Freedom Convoy organizers Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, Ottawa Police Service Inspector Lucas Russell testified that he was under orders to give “not one inch” to the protesters, even while there were discussions underway to shrink the protest’s footprint to mitigate the disruption to downtown Ottawa residents.

Hey, Let's Make More Hay!

From Quick Dick McDick: Episode 2 - we learn how we haul bales and how a square baler works!

If you haven't seen it yet, watch Episode 1 first.

The growing pushback against gender ideology

Gender ideology is running rampant in Canada – particularly in schools. Children are being taught incredibly inappropriate things and are being coerced into the idea that gender is a spectrum — and this is all being done in the name of “inclusion.” But parents and concerned Canadians are pushing back, forcing some politicians to stand up for parental rights and against gender ideology. However, many Conservative politicians are still afraid of being accused of being “transphobic.”

On this episode of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa is joined by one of the most influential activists in the fight against gender ideology – Chris Elston – better known as Billboard Chris.