The Valley

We are situated in the Tawatinaw Valley in central Alberta, approximately 100 km north of Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta.

The Tawatinaw valley is characterized by steep sides, sand, an underfit stream, and it opens up in a fan-like complex at its southern end. During the last glacial period it operated as a tunnel valley and flowed in a southerly uphill direction because of glacial meltwater.

We have a variety of wildlife passing thru our property: deer, moose, bear, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, coyote, and pheasant. Most of the time we only see their tracks. The photos below were taken with a trail camera.

coyote trotting down a trail Coyote

three deer standing on a trail White-tailed Deer

A mother deer and her two fawns at night A mother white-tailed deer and her two fawns at night

A moose looking at the trail cam A moose on the trail, listening …