Danielle Smith wins Majority


United Conservative Party leader Danielle Smith has won the 2023 Alberta Provincial election and will continue as the next Premier of Alberta.

Danielle smiling at her supporters with the Alberta flag in the background

Defend Democracy

Cancelled for being Christian

Today on Ratio’d: Blue Jays player CANCELLED for being Christian.

Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass has become the latest victim of cancel culture by the Canadian legacy media for daring to publicly display his Christian faith and support boycotts against Bud Light and Target. The unwritten rule in sports is that athletes aren't allowed to hold opinions on anything unless those opinions are directly in line with the latest progressive pet cause, whether it be kneeling for the anthem or wearing a pride flag jersey. It appears to be a whole other ballgame however when you involve scripture. That's when the Canadian media get their claws out and go for blood.

News this week

Wokeism, cancel culture, gender ideology ...
How Lockdowns Bolstered an Industrial Cartel. This amounted to a massive industrial subsidy to large companies, which emerged from the pandemic period richer and more bloated than ever. Meanwhile, millions of small businesses were utterly wrecked.
New York City Freezes Deposits at Two Major Banks After Failing to Implement City’s ‘Woke’ Agenda. Critics argue that ESG encourages businesses to utilize their financial influence to promote specific left-wing social objectives.
Councillor under fire for proposing age limit on drag queen events. A lone Pickering, Ontario city councillor is under fire for taking a stand against gender ideology by wanting to restrict drag queen entertainment to those over the age of 19.
What if Putin falls from power? Russia will still be a bitter, dangerous, authoritarian menace even if he is deposed and Ukraine wins the war, expert argues. Duncan Allan of Chatham House think-tank puts forward scenario in new report. It tries to imagine likely outcomes for Russia if the war plays out in a certain way.
City of Calgary folds, reinstates firework show following outrage. The City of Calgary is reinstating its Canada Day fireworks display after widespread outrage over its decision to axe the show over apparent racist and climate impacts.
Female trans goes on 'dramatic' rant against new cycling rules. The national governing body for sports cycling in England, British Cycling, is banning transgender women from competing in female categories, which will now be open only cyclists who were born as females. Emily Bridges, a transgender cyclist, claims "it’s a genocide against us.”

Covid alarmism in the media

The Andrew Lawton Show: . Ex-MSM employee calls out Covid alarmism in the media

Former Global News director Anita Krishna appeared before the National Citizens' Inquiry last week, sharing how she believed the legacy media, including her old employer, fostered paranoia and fear through Covid coverage.

The least surprising thing

Today on Ratio’d: The least surprising thing just happened. The so-called “Special Rapporteur”, David Johnston, has unsurprisingly decided that no further investigation into Chinese election interference is required. The end result of Johnston not calling for a public inquiry is simple – Justin Trudeau gets away with another major scandal.

Pot calls Kettle black

Well, Russia would know a thing or two about this.

Trudeau embarrasses Canada again

Today on Ratio’d: Trudeau won’t stop EMBARRASSING Canada on the world stage. Another international junket for Justin Trudeau, more embarrassing moments for Canadians. As other world leaders see gatherings like the G7 as a chance to strengthen relations, Trudeau sees them as an opportunity to preach the gospel of wokeism and lecture other countries on not being progressive enough.

15 minute Ghettos

Creating viruses

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