The Freedom Occupation

Premiere of The Freedom Occupation

It’s been a year since the Freedom Convoy descended on Ottawa to protest nearly two years of Covid-19 restrictions. For three weeks, thousands of demonstrators, bolstered by pick up trucks and semi-trailer trucks, filled the city’s downtown core. It was the first demonstration of its magnitude in Canadian history.

Hold The Line

You won't believe what Trudeau is saying now

It has been another week to forget for Justin Trudeau. On Friday, the Globe and Mail reported that the Chinese government significantly interfered in the last federal election. China sought a return to a Liberal minority government and that is exactly what happened. In response, Trudeau has fixed his sights on the CSIS whistleblower and not the Chinese Communist Party. Watch the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

Trudeau won't take China's election interference seriously

We know that China ran a sophisticated operation in the 2019 and 2021 Canadian elections to influence the results. In the most recent election, the Chinese Communist Party specifically wanted the Liberals to return to power, and Canadian intelligence officials knew. In spite of this, the Liberals have downplayed the extent of the interference, with Justin Trudeau saying today we should be more concerned about the Conservatives undermining democracy. Watch the Andrew Lawton Show.

Beijing interfered in the 2021 election

The media got it wrong on Covid

The media got it wrong on Covid | Dr. Matt Strauss | Part 2 In the second part of Rupa’s interview with the former medical health officer for Haldimand-Norfolk, Dr. Matt Strauss tells us more about how his story was skewed by the Toronto Star. Dr. Strauss also sheds light on the fact that Canada’s healthcare system was already on thin ice before the first waves of Covid arrived and how the pandemic stretched healthcare to its very limits. Rupa and Dr. Strauss also talk about the political response to the pandemic in Canada and around the world and why authoritarian policies were common.

Migrants FLOOD Roxham Road – where’s Trudeau?

Harrison Faulkner on Ratio’d - True North. Last week, the New York Post uncovered that New York City is busing illegal migrants with taxpayer-funded bus tickets up to Plattsburgh, New York where they then take shuttle buses and flood through Roxham Road – an illegal access point into Canada. This move follows months of debate between New York City mayor Eric Adams and Texas governor Greg Abott over sending migrants to the Big Apple. Adams described the practice of busing migrants from Texas to New York as “horrific”, but now he’s busing migrants into Canada and doing the exact same thing. Quebec provincial politicians are furious and are demanding that the feds respond, but so far, nothing from the Trudeau government. Quebec Liberals have even gone so far as to accuse those who want to shut Roxham Road as promoting Trump-style immigration politics.

Trudeau is wrong – Canada is broken

The question of whether Canada is broken has become a contentious political debate between Pierre Poilievre and Justin Trudeau. Poilievre has continued to point out the brokenness of Canada, which Trudeau claims is not just wrong, but offensive.

This is NOT GOOD for Canada

One of Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre’s main narratives has been “Canada is broken,” alluding to the number of issues plaguing Canadians in recent months – ranging from the inflation crisis, increasing crime rates and much more. #CanadaIsBroken has been trending on Twitter for the past month and over the weekend, polling firm Leger conducted a survey asking Canadians if they agree with the slogan. The results of that survey do not spell good news for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberal government.

On the latest episode of Ratio’d, Harrison Faulkner breaks down the ongoing battle between Poilievre and Trudeau over the state of the nation.

Tucker Carlson triggers Ottawa AGAIN

Watch today's episode of Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner. Tucker Carlson has once again triggered the Ottawa establishment with jokes about “liberating Canada.” Over the weekend, Tucker asked a Canadian guest if the United States should liberate Canada from Prime Minister Trudeau to prevent the US’ biggest trading partner become the next Cuba.
Despite laughing and the obvious humour with which Carlson asked the question, Canada’s NDP jumped at the opportunity and attempted to pass a motion condemning Carlson in the House of Commons for his remarks. Unsurprisingly, they failed.

The media got it wrong on Covid

The media got it wrong on Covid | Dr. Matt Strauss | Part 1 As the medical officer for Haldimand-Norfolk, Dr. Matt Strauss took a rational approach to Covid. He spoke out about the effectiveness of masks, opposed lockdowns and questioned the need to vaccinate kids. In the region that he oversaw, the mortality for Covid was 30% lower than the provincial average. However, that didn’t stop legacy media outlets like the Toronto Star from attempting to cancel Dr. Strauss.
On this episode of The Rupa Subramanya Show, Rupa and Dr. Strauss discuss how the media got it wrong on Covid, Strauss’ ongoing battles with activist journalists and much more.

Remember this, Trudeau?

On this week’s episode of Ratio’d, Harrison Faulkner takes a look at Convoy reunion highlights from across the country and the legacy media’s hilarious coverage of the gathering in Ottawa.

The CBC doubles down on its fake news

The CBC gets the whole legacy media to rally against Alberta Premier Danielle Smith with a story based on anonymous sources and emails that their journalists never even glanced at before publishing their story. To make matters worse, the state broadcaster doubled down, refused to retract their story and ran another story attacking Smith. Watch Fake News Friday with Andrew Lawton and Sue-Ann Levy on True North.

What’s really going on at the WEF? Part 2

Tune into part two of Rupa’s interview with author of “The Covid Consensus,” Thomas Fazi as they continue their discussion about the World Economic Forum and its impact on sovereign nations like Canada.

The WEF Annual Meeting may be over but many questions still remain – what interest do hundreds of business executives and world leaders have in meeting every year in Davos? Will global policies affecting climate, digital ID and vaccines effect Canadians? How much influence does the WEF actually have?

Tune into The Rupa Subramanya Show on True North!

This happened to Justin Trudeau AGAIN

On Tuesday night in Hamilton, Ontario, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was once again heckled by a large group of protesters. At a cabinet retreat dinner, Trudeau and his cabinet thought it would be a good idea to get together at a downtown restaurant and think nobody would notice. Well, sure enough, people did notice - and True North was on the scene.

Plus, before getting to the restaurant, Harrison Faulkner caught up with Trudeau for a must-see interaction that took place in a nearby mall. Tune in to the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner from True North.

The "Just Transition" is a radical plan to kill jobs

The Trudeau-NDP coalition is on an ideological crusade to destroy Alberta's energy industry. Learn more about their dangerous "just transition" plan in this video.

What’s really going on at the WEF? Part 1

As the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting wraps up, the question still remains – what interest do hundreds of business executives and world leaders have in meeting every year in Davos?
Author of “The Covid Consensus,” Thomas Fazi joins The Rupa Subramanya Show (True North) to talk about the group of technocrats who are planning to influence global policies affecting climate, digital ID and vaccination.
In the first part of the interview, Rupa and Thomas discuss exactly who these elites are and what their role is in eroding national sovereignty in favour of globalist ideals.

Danielle Smith on the Trudeau-NDP unjust transition

United Conservative Party Leader Danielle Smith talks about the Trudeau-NDP coalition's dangerous plan to kill millions of jobs across Canada, including hundreds of thousands in Alberta.

This is BAD NEWS for Justin Trudeau

Harrison Faulkner on Ratio’d. Things are not going well for Justin Trudeau these days. After a string of rough polling numbers, an overwhelming majority of Canadians now feel like Canada is in a recession. All of that exposed itself this week when Justin Trudeau let loose on a 5-minute tirade railing against Pierre Poilievre, Freedom Convoy protesters and anyone who challenged him over the last 3 years. class hero on the picket line standing in solidarity.

This guy cannot be serious

On today's episode of Ratio’d, Harrison Faulkner dissects Singh’s identity crisis between being the upper class “well-cut” suit-wearing politician and the working class hero on the picket line standing in solidarity.