China’s influence in Canada

Pro-Beijing media received Canadian bailouts during pandemic.
The Rupa Subramanya Show featuring Jonathan Manthorpe.

Two Chinese language media outlets in Canada, Ming Pao and Sing Tao Daily, are not only sympathetic to the regime in China, but also received emergency bailout funds during the pandemic.

Defend Truth, Defend Democracy

Public Health lists "climate change" and "capitalism" as public health threats

A report prepared for Dr. Theresa Tam identifies "climate change" and "capitalism," and "colonization" as part of a "public health emergency" in need of "collective social and political action."

True North's Andrew Lawton points out the eerily similar language being used to talk about other political issues as were used to discuss Covid.

Climate Depot's Marc Morano joins the show to warn of the impending climate lockdown.

Has the CBC always been this terrible?

After Elon Musk rightfully labeled the CBC as “Government-funded media” on Twitter, questions surrounding the editorial independence of the CBC have arisen. It’s no secret that the state broadcaster receives $1.2 billion annually from the Trudeau government — can a media outlet be fair and neutral when they’re beneficiaries of government handouts? Is the CBC beholden to the government?

Award-winning journalist and former host of CBC’s The Fifth Estate Trish Wood joins the Rupa Subramanya Show to discuss the state of the CBC and what the future holds for the state broadcaster and the Canadian media landscape.

Trish believes the CBC used to prioritize journalism, but that has changed drastically in recent years as the left has become more infatuated with woke causes. Trish also questions how the Canadian state broadcaster can focus on Canadian issues when it’s being run by a woman who lives in Brooklyn, New York

Elon Musk Destroys the CBC! Trudeau is PISSED

After Elon Musk correctly labeled the CBC as a “Government-funded media” outlet on Twitter, the state broadcaster decided to rage quit the platform. Musk really pissed off the man who signs the CBC’s cheques — Justin Trudeau. And as always, when Trudeau is angry, he attacks the Conservatives.

Despite the fact that the CBC receives $1.2 billion annually from the government and even openly admits to being government-funded on financial documents, they think they shouldn't have to be accurately labeled on Twitter. In response, Musk hit them with the even more humiliating “69% Government-funded label.” Watch today's Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner!

Climate activist attacks snooker table

Bizarre action from the climate cult.

It looks like GAME OVER for Justin Trudeau

The new details emerging from the Trudeau Foundation are devastating for Justin Trudeau, as the entire Trudeau Foundation board and CEO abruptly announced their resignations on Tuesday. Shortly after that, we learned why. Trudeau’s own brother played a key role in hiding the true origin of Chinese Communist-linked donations to the foundation.

Trudeau's Federal Carbon Tax

ONCE AGAIN - we dive into the carbon Tax here in Canada and the absolute ridiculousness of it. From Quick Dick McDick. The tax is real and not an April Fools joke, it increases the costs of essential goods for all Canadians.

Bill C-11 is dangerous

Ratio’d | What the hell was that?

Today on Ratio’d. Who could've guessed that US President Joe Biden's state visit to Canada would end with international mockery and a hilarious collection of gaffes from the 80-year-old president? While addressing Canada's parliament, Biden told MPs that he "applauds China" before the house erupted in laughter. Biden also put his foot in it when he told Pierre Poilievre that it was "unfortunate" that opposition is seen as an act of loyalty in both countries. Watch the latest episode of Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner of True North.

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are in BIG trouble

Today on Ratio’d: Trudeau’s Liberals are in BIG trouble. The latest CSIS leak published by Global News is the most explosive and damaging scandal to Trudeau’s Liberals yet. MP Han Dong allegedly advised two Chinese consulate staff to withhold the release the Two Michaels because it would benefit the Conservative Party.

Immediately upon the release of the bombshell allegations, Han Dong resigned from Liberal caucus. Last month, Justin Trudeau told us that questioning the loyalty of Han Dong is stoking “anti-Asian racism.” Is it still racist to question Dong’s loyalty? Watch the latest episode of Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner of True North.


The The House of Commons passed a motion calling for a public inquiry into foreign election interference. MPs vote for a public inquiry into foreign election interference (Western Standard).

Academics write letter blasting “racist” election interference claims. The signatories include professors from Carleton University, University of Toronto, University of Victoria, University of Ottawa, Simon Fraser University, Western University and the University of British Columbia.

Communist China Interfering in Canada??

From Quick Dick McDick in Saskatchewan. Real language warning.

News this week

Liberals create another public relations nightmare ...
Senator says Bill C-11 will create “public relations nightmare” for Liberals. A senator behind amendments to Bill C-11, which aimed to protect user-generated content, says if the internet censorship law passes, it would lead to a “public relations nightmare” for the federal government.
Data shows one-third of Canadians cannot keep up with grocery bills. Statistics Canada data said more than one-third of Canadian households have difficulty paying for groceries, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.
Record number of middle-aged women working as Canadians grapple with economic pressure. As grocery prices set records and as Canadians report less than two months of savings, women between the ages of 55 and 64 are entering the workforce at record levels.
China Launches Two More Type 052DL Destroyers In Dalian. Two Type 052DL class destroyers were launched at Dalian Shipyard, according to images shared on social media. The new ships will be the Chinese Navy's 27th and 28th Type 052D destroyers.
Kim Jong Un oversees latest North Korea missile test, orders intensified drills for 'real war'. Photos of the missile test. KCNA via Reuters.
Garbage piles up in Paris as Macron vows to push through pension reform. Garbage piled up in Paris streets and fuel deliveries were blocked from refineries as workers continued rolling strikes against pension reform but President Emmanuel Macron refused to meet with unions and said the reform must go ahead.
Silicon Valley Bank swiftly collapses after tech startups flee. Silicon Valley Bank became the biggest U.S. lender to fail in more than a decade after a tumultuous week that saw an unsuccessful attempt to raise capital and a cash exodus from the tech startups that had fueled the lender’s rise.

Fake News Friday

Legacy media won’t back off MPs meeting Christine Anderson Even during the massive story alleging China’s interference in Canadian elections, the legacy media still found time to criticize Pierre Poilievre for not cancelling his MPs who had dinner with German MEP Christine Anderson weeks ago.
Also, The Tragically Hip guitarist Paul Langlois finds it “offensive” that Poilievre used one of their songs during an event – but here’s the kicker – the venue already had the rights to use the song as they pleased!
Plus, after CBC employees were asked personal questions about their gender identity, orientation and religion in confidence, staff were surprised to find their information plastered on their profiles – Oops!