The Disaster that is DEI

Harvard President Claudine Gay resigns after a dismal performance at a congressional hearing on anti-Semitism.

Douglas Murray was joined by author and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali to discuss the controversial issue. Ayaan says "the rot is deep."

Harvard President Claudine Gay Resigns in Disgrace Amid Plagiarism, Anti-Semitism Scandals

Canada is FUBAR

Christians are being targeted

Protecting minors & women in sports

On trial for criticizing a climate alarmist

Defending parents and their children

Tucker Carlson takes on Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland

Liberal use of Emergencies Act Unconstitutional

It's called free speech

UFC star Sean Strickland calls out legacy media

In the buildup to UFC 297 in Toronto, UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland went nuclear on Canada’s legacy media journalists at a press conference. In a typical move for Canadian sports journalists, instead of asking Strickland about his upcoming fight, one journalist tried to ask the UFC fighter about comments he made years ago on social media. Instead of taking the bait, Strickland turned the tables on the journalist and put him in his place.

In another instance, he asked a Canadian Press journalist if he supported the Trudeau government seizing protesters bank accounts during the Freedom Convoy.

Canada's out-of-control public service

WEF in Davos Day 1

Davos Day 1: Klaus Schwab says “selfish” people are to blame for trust crisis.

The World Economic Forum's 2024 annual meeting is underway and True North is on the ground all week bringing you the coverage that only independent media will. The Andrew Lawton Show is live from Austria – the nearest affordable place to stay while reporting on the conference. In this episode, Andrew talks about the conference agenda and Klaus Schwab's belief that people are the problem when it comes to falling trust in institutions – rather than the institutions themselves. Andrew checks in with his True North colleague Cosmin Dzsurdzsa for early impressions from the ground.

Plus, while WEF is talking up the necessity of transitioning away from traditional energy sources, Albertans are being told to rein in their electricity usage as the province deals with extreme cold temperatures. Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins to discuss.

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Why are they doing this to Canada's military?

To add insult to injury for the low-morale and undermanned Canadian Armed Forces, last week the Canadian Military Journal, the official publication of the Department of National Defence demeaned white soldiers as upholding "colonialism" and "white supremacy" in the CAF. It went even further to attack military families for enforcing the "patriarchy". The majority of CAF members are white men, so it makes you wonder what the end goal here really is.

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Thank God for Fossil Fuels

This hour's min and max: hot spot in Alberta: -29.6 °C Edson; cold spot in Alberta: -41.7 °C Fort Chipewyan. It's -40 °C outside my door.
Meanwhile wind and solar generation at 0%.
Thank God for for fossil fuels.

Global warming is a complete nothing

German farmers revolt against socialist government

Massive farmer protests have taken over Germany over the past few weeks. In scenes similar to the historic Freedom Convoy, German farmers and truckers have united in protest over new climate regulations which will scrap a tax subsidy on farmers operating diesel tractors. Germany's ruling socialist coalition is the latest Western European country to target farmers on their quest to somehow solve climate change but it appears they have pushed the German people too far this time.

All throughout Germany, farmers are engaging in peaceful demonstrations as their livelihoods have been put at risk. In support of the German farmers, Polish farmers, Dutch farmers and Romanian farmers are also staging their own protests. The equation is simple. No farmers = no food. With similar climate measures currently in the works to target Canadian farmers, this is a story that Canadians should be watching closely. Watch Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

Recent News

Records shows Canadian government giving millions to China. The Canadian government continues to pay millions in foreign aid to China, according to Blacklock’s Reporter.
Lawyer behind $300 million lawsuit against Freedom Convoy outraged that anti-Israel protesters face fines for noise violations in Ottawa. Oh the hypocrisy, the lawsuit against the Freedom Convoy is based in part on the noise the demonstration created.
World Health Organization appoints trans activist with ‘Be Gay, Do Crimes’ tattoo to create guidelines on child sex changes. Of the 21 members of the new group, at least half are trans. Others are affiliated with WPATH, and still others have "pioneered" medical sex changes, womb transplants, or child sex changes.
Cost of federal government debt rising for Canadians. The Trudeau government is on track for another large budget deficit forecasted at $40.0 billion, slightly larger than the $35.3 billion deficit last year.
After 150 years, is it time to say goodbye to the Mounties as we know them?. It was an institution that was set up for colonial Canada. And it has evolved, but it still has at its core that kind of paramilitary mission.
Michel Maisonneuve: Canada doesn't matter to the rest of the world — and it's our own fault. Trudeau's neglect for the military has atrophied our diplomatic muscle to a point of international embarrassment.
Gaza War Changing Arab-Jew Relations, But Not in the Way You Think. Intuitively, one would think Israeli operations in Gaza would anger Palestinian citizens but that doesn't necessarily seem to be true.
NRC Approves First Non-Water-Cooled Reactor in More than 50 Years. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has approved the construction of a groundbreaking new power reactor in eastern Tennessee.

Why Canada should leave the UN

Epstein associates exposed

The release of the documents instantly became the biggest news story in the world. With more Epstein documents set to be released on a rolling basis over the following days, this story is set to dominate the headlines for months to come.

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