The Liberals' Surveillance State

Justin Trudeau’s Online Harms Bill, Bill C-63, is the biggest threat to freedom of speech in this country. It introduces nothing short of a surveillance state replete with snitch lines, kangaroo courts and mass censorship. But Canadians can’t count on the legacy media to tell the truth about Trudeau’s latest power grab. Instead of sounding the alarm, the media is cheering on the prime minister and doing his dirty work in smearing the opposition.

Online Harms Act a “trojan horse” say constitutional groups.

Canada is Broken

Exposing the dangers of transitioning minors

It’s been two weeks since the CBC in Quebec released a documentary, which exposed the chilling effects of rapid onset gender dysphoria on young girls. Unsurprisingly, trans activists and so-called journalists are still up in arms and spreading lies about the harms of these radical procedures. While it’s ironic that we’re applauding the CBC on Fake News Friday (they’re still terrible and should be defunded), it’s critical for Canadians to watch Trans Express to learn the truth about so-called “gender affirming care” and how Canada’s medical system allows young people to make irreversible changes.

On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice breaks down the documentary and explains why Canada should follow in the footsteps of countries like Finland, Sweden and the UK and ban puberty blockers for minors.

A carbon tax revolt is underway

Seven of ten provincial premiers have called on the federal government to scrap its planned carbon tax increase, although Justin Trudeau continues to double down. With Trudeau's government paying no heed to calls from his provincial counterparts and the cash-strapped Canadians they represent, Trudeau is making it clear it's his way or the highway. True North's Andrew Lawton discusses Colin Craig of

Also, True North's Rachel Emmanuel was barred from reporting on Trudeau's visit to Calgary yesterday and threatened with arrest if she even stood inside the building hosting the prime minister's press conference. She joins to explain what went down.

Plus, from the ongoing trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber to the Coutts 4, concerns about politicized prosecutions are abound in the justice system. Former Encana CEO Gwyn Morgan delved into the phenomenon in an essay for C2C journal, on "the worrisome wave of politicized prosecutions." He joins Andrew to discuss.

Activist doctor misleads Albertans

This week on the Alberta Roundup, Rachel covers an activist doctor who accused Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s policies of contributing to his trans nephew’s suicide. Also on the show, Smith is encouraging parents to take their child for the MMR vaccine following a measles outbreak across Canada. The premier also weighed in on efforts to unseat Calgary Mayor Jyodi Gondek in Calgary, calling the recall legislation unfair.

Warning About Government Surveillance

At today's House Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing, Dr. Jordan Peterson testified about government surveillance and the possible threat of a "secret" police.

NATO / Blackrock Trap Market

CIA Overthrew Government of Ukraine

Bad Therapy, Weak Parenting, Broken Children

Dr. Jordan Peterson speaks with best-selling author Abigail Shrier. They discuss her landmark first book, “Irreversible Damage,” as well as her latest publication, available now: “Bad Therapy: Why The Kids Aren’t Growing Up". From this, they break down the state of the therapeutic industry, the overgrown tendency of professionals to “treat the well, rather than the sick,” the existence and need for necessary trauma, and the now-generational impact of harmful therapy, and by extension, harmful parenting.

Bad Therapy, Weak Parenting, Broken Children | Abigail Shrier | EP 427.

Mass immigration destroying Canada's economy

Viral videos showing thousands of international students and temporary foreign workers lining up for minimum wage jobs across the country are spreading on social media as the videos expose in real time one of the most often repeated Trudeau government talking points about immigration – that Canada needs to fill a labour shortage. The reality is that Trudeau’s mass immigration experiment has failed. Canadians are getting poorer year-after-year and wages are stagnating. Homes aren’t being built and somehow, despite the influx of millions of workers, Canada still has a construction labour shortage.

Real per capita GDP is decreasing, young Canadians are being squeezed by the massive levels of immigration and the only people who seem to be winning out of all of this are large corporations who have an endless supply of temporary workers and international students ready to take on minimum wage jobs.

Watch Ratio’d with Harrison Faulkner.

Banning Books in B.C.

Ottawa denies Alberta’s drug hunt scheme

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel unveils Ottawa’s unwillingness to address the addictions and homelessness crisis. Earlier this week, the Trudeau government rejected a proposal from the Alberta government that would allow officials to track so-called safe supply drugs to see where they end up.

PHAC employees casually ship Ebola to Wuhan