Canada's Double Standard

Newfoundland fishermen have been protesting for weeks outside the Confederation Building in St. John's for a free and open fishery market. Riot police and horses were brought in to disrupt a peaceful protest. Watch Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

The double standard in this country when it comes to protesting is as clear as day. Riot horses will get called in on peaceful Canadian protesters while foreign protesters get to wave prohibited weapons at cops and are served coffee on the side of the highway.

Canada is Broken

Carbon tax increasing April 1

GamerGate 2.0 is out of control

Gamer Gate is back and it is already out of control. Modern video games are awful and have become unplayable because of diversity, equity and inclusion ideology taking over the industry. Gamers have started to push back on developers who are ruining their favourite titles and the reaction from the industry is hardly surprising.

According to one BBC gaming presenter, there needs to be a "final purge" of all those who don't align with the divisive DEI ideology.

Watch Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

Our rotten, rotting universities

Protestors demonstrate at Elections Alberta Edmonton headquarters

Canada spent $1.4M sending delegation to COP28

CBC promotes a childless life

Another CBC fail: bad journalism, American TikTok influencers, government propaganda.

From True North news: Canada’s state broadcaster attempted to find out why fewer Canadians are planning to have kids – and failed miserably. Last month, the CBC published a report titled, “The Cost of Kids: Why fewer people are planning to have kids.” But instead of approaching this vital issue objectively, the CBC fear-mongers and encourages young Canadians to live a child-free life. In fact, everything in this report is nihilistic, impulsive, selfish, and focused on the now. The CBC’s superficial report didn’t once mention the upsides of having children or the broader societal problems that come from a falling fertility rate.

On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice walks you through this report, debunks the CBC’s misleading claims and explains how young Canadians actually want to have children and are fully capable of doing so.

Birthgap - Childless World

The era of ultra-low birthrates has begun. But why are people having so few children these days? And what are the consequences? Come on a journey of discovery across 24 countries to find the reason and also the future consequences for young and old alike. This is Part 1 of Birthgap - Childless World. (c)

** Featured at the Chelsea Film Festival, 2021 **

Watch Birthgap - Childless World PART 1 (English Version) on Youtube.

Freeland: we want to make sure homes are not assets

Trudeau gaslighting Canadians about the carbon tax

While the majority of Canadians, including most premiers, are united against the Trudeau government’s upcoming carbon tax increase, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to gaslight Canadians about the tax. Trudeau wants you to believe despite the affordability crisis, the carbon tax actually somehow makes you richer because of the rebates.

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta director Kris Sims joined The Andrew Lawton Show to discuss.